Interesting facts in development

In crafting the Pritzkr’s website, we incorporated sleek parallax scrolling for a dynamic feel, prioritized lightning-fast load times through optimized coding, and carefully curated a brand-aligned color palette. The site seamlessly adapts to various devices, emphasizing accessibility, while subtle CSS animations add a touch of interactivity, creating a visually stunning and engaging online experience.

Results of the project

Enhanced Mobile Accessibility
With a responsive design approach, the website witnessed a 150% surge in mobile traffic.
Strengthened Brand Presence
The project not only met but exceeded its goal of creating a visually stunning online presence for Pritzkr
Reduced Bounce Rates
The seamless integration of design and functionality resulted in a noteworthy 15% decrease in bounce rates
Improved Page Load TImes
Through meticulous optimization of images and code, the website achieved a 25% improvement in page load times.
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